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Niagara River Magic

I was fortunate to be invited back out with Aaron Shirley, co-host of Canadian Sportfishing, to fish the Niagara River.  We had an absolutely incredible day drifting steelhead and brown trout.  Thanks to Aaron’s expert guiding I landed a personal best for both species!

You can see a full report on his National Pro Staff site:




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From Alberta back to Ontario

This summer was my last in Alberta as August saw me moving back to beautiful Ontario. Since I knew I was leaving the magnificent western province I made the best of it and tried to get out the water as much as I could, bringing many friends along with me.

As the water continued to warm, the walleye were extremely active which saw me boat plenty of 20 plus fish days. The most productive baits were Fin-Tech Nuckle Ball Jigs with a plastic grub tipped with a worm.

I was fortunate to have my friend Deanna along for a few trips who landed her personal best walleye:

Along with chasing early summer walleye I made many trips out to chase some lake trout. Trolling spoons was productive in finding fish and when the graph was marking them in one spot, it was jigging time!  Buzz Bombs and white jigheads with a swimbait were best.

I had several guests out when chasing lake trout include a friend and her little ones who caught their first lake trout:

It was tough leaving such a fantastic fishery in North Eastern Alberta along with many amazing friends. But you can’t beat heading back to your home province and I was fortunate to have many friends anxious to head out fishing with me upon my return.  The target species would be bass of course and it didn’t take me long to get back into the bass game. Of course some of my friends are incredibly skilled anglers and I will admit they outfished me a few times. :)

Once I was settled the Sea Nymph hit Ontario waters again and I took a friend out largie fishing for the first time:

Located North of Toronto I was able to take advantage of a few local tributaries in the early fall:

And I reunited with some lifelong fishing buddies with a fun outing on Lake Ontario:

The boat is now packed away as I watch the snow continue to pile up on my front yard.  Last year around this time I was ice fishing. I am hoping that won’t be happening anytime soon as I plan to develop my skills float fishing for steelhead and salmon in the rivers.

Posted by: Snag | June 7, 2013

Spring is Here!

The main lake of Cold Lake this spring took a couple extra weeks to open up this year.  This meant that opening day had the main lake at a cool 35F.  The target this early spring was pike and the location, the warmest bay I could find.

The pike were very aggressive in the 55F bay in late May, where I landed over two dozen including my personal best.

pb pike

Swimbaits both white and pink were the most productive baits, and most pike were caught sight fishing in less then 4fow.

A few other trips had similar results where the bays had water in the 60s, and the main lake in the mid to low 40s.

spring pike

spring pike 2

A great start to spring fishing!

Posted by: Snag | March 31, 2013

Rainbows on Ice

Here are a couple of shots from my ice fishing season fishing a locally stocked rainbow trout lake.  I used a variety of techniques but the most success came off a Custom Jigs & Spins Ratso (pink) tipped with a meal worm.

My friend Megan also joined me one day and she landed this beautiful chunky bow:

Posted by: Snag | October 21, 2012

Summer and Fall 2012

It’s been a great year of soft water fishing for me.  With the dropping temperatures I decided to put the boat away a bit early this year.

Fortunately I was able to enjoy many trips in the Northern Alberta, Northern Saskatchewan and even Ontario region.  I hooked up with some of my fishing partners from back home and introduced many new people to the sport back in Alberta.  Also, one of the highlights of the year was having my first Ontario visitor to Cold Lake when my friend Eric made an appearance and we teamed up to have our best lake trout outing ever.

I didn’t find the elusive giant Cold Lake Lake trout but there were no shortage of chunky hard fighting lakers to play with.

Here’s a few pictures from the summer and fall:











Another outstanding year on the water.  Bring on the ice!

Posted by: Snag | June 10, 2012

Spring Fishin

The weather has been fabulous this spring and I have been loving the long days in Northern Alberta.   It is just barely mid June and the sun is rising before 5am and sets just before 10pm.

With the water temps slowly approaching the 60F mark, most fish have been caught between 6-12 fow.  The pike have been most active hitting swimbaits and the walleye have been chasing bottom bouncing rigs and Lindy jigs.

Here are a few pictures from my spring so far chasing some pike and walleye.

Posted by: Snag | September 11, 2011

Sea Nymph gets Laker’d

I am finally settled in my new home in Alberta.

I snuck out for a 4hrs today for some Lakers and managed to go 12 for 14 biggest 8lbs 5oz!

What a day in 25′c heat, no clouds and no wind.  Doesn’t get any better then that!

Posted by: Snag | August 26, 2011

Flippin’ Fanstastic

I fished with Justin Hoffman for one last time this season before I make the big move out west in a week.

We fished one of his favourite Eastern Ontario Lakes fighting against 33km/h gusting winds and an approaching storm.

It was a great day out on the water landing 28 fish and one over 4lbs.  You can read all about it on his blog.

Posted by: Snag | August 18, 2011

A little taste of Alberta

Have you ever had one of those moments where you just sit back and say to yourself “man… do I ever love my life!”  Well right now I am having one of those moments.

I had a week of work dedicated to go out and inspect my new house for my upcoming move to Alberta.  It was a long day of traveling taking two flights and then a 3hr rental car drive over to my new future home in Alberta.  Tuesday morning I wake up at 5am MT naturally, as I was still in EST mode, to go for a run,  After that I overheard some people in the hotel talking fishin… I am all ears! I chatted with this guy named Scott for 20mins all about the fishing in the area and got an invite to go out the next day.  Excited, I realized I still had a lot of things to do but I said I’ll make it happen.  I managed to book all my appointments that day leaving the next wide open.

We get on the water for 0800 which is right around the peak morning bite time (0800-0930)… literally minutes into it.. FISH ON!  They kindly hand the rod off to me first.  Of course right away we are doubled up!!!

(note the fish landed in the background)

Maybe 2mins later… another fish on!  We give it to the youngest and he fights it like a champ:

..and they just kept coming, none stop action pretty much until 9:30 getting close to 15 fish.  The biggest was just over 11lbs:

We got out of the “zone” and were picking up fish here and there. The next peak time was 1430-1630.

At this point I was just taking it all in, hearing stories of their backgrounds and getting some good tips of fishing in the area.

The peak bite did happen and we moved to a hump which had fish on but they were small.  Regardless, we all got a keeper (limit is 1 per min 65cm).

We finished the day fishing 0800-1530 going 27 for 30.  Biggest over 11lbs. Average around 5lbs.

Here’s some more pics.. :

Back at the hotel we cleaned them up and I booked a kitchenette so I enjoyed some fresh Alberta style Lake Trout

I could get used to this

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East Winds slow down the Largies

I finally got together again with one of my favourite fishing partners, freelance outdoor writer Justin Hoffman on a day of flipping the slop for largies.

Although he had some great days out pre-fishin the week prior, the winds changes directions and a minor front moved in slowing down the action. Still a great day out in the heat sneaking in a quick swim and ending the day with an ice cold beer.

Read on at his blog.

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